Glass Shower Enclosures

Our Glass Shower Enclosures Will Transform Your Bathroom

Enhance the look and feel of your bathroom with a glass shower enclosure. Nothing is quite as elegant and inviting as glass. Let us take the guess work out of your remodeling project with a customized solution tailored to you. We have a wide range of options and enhancements available. We pride ourselves on creating custom solutions that fit within your budget. Contact us now to find how we can help you transform your bathroom into a work of art.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

A simple upgrade that instantly adds luxury to your bathroom. The rich beauty of architectural glass provides for a variety of unique shower designs. Designs that can play with light flow and dramatically add elegance.  Highlight your décor to the fullest with a frameless shower enclosure installed by American Glass and Window LLC.

Shower Doors and Enclosure Types

Make Your Shower Inviting

Framed Shower Enclosures

Framed glass shower doors offer increased privacy, are versatile and more cost effective. Depending on the layout, budget, and your desires, a framed shower enclosure may be the perfect fit. These doors a do a lot more than just keep the water and steam inside. They add a touch of glass to your bathroom.

Patterned Glass

Make a statement with frosted, satin or textured glass. Our custom glass options are almost limitless. Add lure and luster while protecting your privacy. Or, transform your glass into a work of art. You’re only limited to your imagination. Our professional Glaziers have installed everything from steam rooms to arched entries and even sky light showers. Contact us today and let we’ll take the guess work out of your remodeling project.

Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Modern & Sleek: Glass enclosures instantly add a modern and sophisticated touch to any room. Their transparency creates a feeling of openness and airiness, making even small spaces appear larger and brighter.
  • Enhanced Design: Glass acts as a neutral element that complements various design styles. It allows for showcasing surrounding elements like tilework or natural stone, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look.
  • Improved Light Distribution: Glass allows natural light to flow freely, making the space feel more inviting and energizing. This is particularly beneficial in areas like bathrooms or kitchens that may have limited natural light access.

Effortless Maintenance

  • Non-Porous & Hygienic: Unlike materials like fabric or wood, glass is non-porous and doesn’t trap moisture or harbor mold or mildew growth. This makes it incredibly easy to clean and maintain a hygienic environment.
  • Quick Cleaning: Glass surfaces are smooth and easy to wipe down. A quick squeegee after use or a microfiber cloth with a mild cleaning solution keeps them sparkling clean and prevents water spots.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike materials that may require regular painting or refinishing, glass requires minimal upkeep.

Customization Potential

  • Variety in Glass Types: You can choose from clear glass for maximum openness to frosted or patterned glass for added privacy. Additionally, tinted glass options can be used for sun control or aesthetic purposes.
  • Hardware Options: The hardware for your glass enclosure, like hinges or handles, can be customized to match your desired style and finish. This allows for a cohesive look that complements your overall design scheme.

By incorporating glass enclosures, you can not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also create a more functional and easy-to-maintain environment.

Installation Details and Timeline

We will schedule a time to come out to your home to take measurements, talk things over with you, and make sure your vision is clearly communicated. Next, we’ll provide an estimate by email and a phone call to follow up so we can address any questions you may have. The estimate will include labor, materials, and tax. Next, we ask for a down payment, which can be a credit card one file (your card will not be charged), or you can drop off or mail a check, or drop off a cash payment. Then, we place your order. Most orders take about eight to fourteen days to come in, then, we schedule the installation.


Are glass shower enclosures safe?

Glass shower enclosures are engineered for safety. They are typically constructed from tempered glass, a much stronger and safer alternative to regular glass. During the tempering process, the glass is heated and rapidly cooled, creating a product that shatters into small, blunt fragments instead of large, sharp shards if it breaks. This significantly reduces the risk of serious injuries compared to traditional glass. Additionally, building codes often mandate the use of tempered glass in shower applications, providing an extra layer of safety assurance.

How do I care for my glass shower enclosure to keep it looking new?

Rinse your glass shower enclosure regularly with water and squeegee dry after each use. To keep your glass looking new, clean each week using a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent (such as Dawn dish soap) to remove any soap scum, dirt, or grime. Windex, Lysol, Fantastik, Clean Works, and Mr. Clean work great, too.

Can glass shower enclosures be repaired if they are damaged?

Yes. We provide a list of warranties for your glass shower enclosure when we send the estimate.


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